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Online Casino Rules

Lets take a look at some of the casino game rules you're likely to encounter. There are plenty of games at the casino for you to play and enjoy but not knowing them will hinder your efforts of fully experiencing your environment. Below there is a quick synopsis of the more popular games that you will come across at the casino.

Blackjack Rules

One of the best games to play for beginners is Blackjack. The reason for this is that it has an easy set of rules to follow. There is however a few things that you will want to know before deciding to take part. The object of the game is to get a total point value of 21 or get a higher point value than the dealer. All cards have a point value, face cards are 10 points, Aces are 1 or 11 depending on what helps you the best and the rest of the cards are their face value.

The game starts out with the dealer dealing 2 cards to everyone. They are all face up except for the deal has one that is face down. I am not going to get into strategy here as there are plenty of sites out there that deal with exactly that. Your next object is to hit or stand. Hitting would imply that you want another card, remembering if you go over 21 (busts), you are out of the game. Standing would declare that you are happy with your total point value and you are confident the deal is going to get no higher of a point value than you. If you are interested in learning more about Blackjack I would recommend you visit

Roulette Rules

In regards to casino rules, this game has got to be the most popular game that people are learning today. Roulette is one of, if not the most popular casino game out there. It is easy to play and fun and entertaining for a whole group to play together.

Roulette has a wheel and a table. The wheel has 38 numbers on it with a table that matches. The object of the game is to place a bet on what number you think the dealer is going to spin up. There are such options that don’t make you chose the exact number, but the color or series. There are lots of choices with roulette, which is the reason it has such a high entertainment value. You can read more about roulette at

Craps Rules

Craps, perhaps the arch rival to roulette for most popular game is bar non one of the most feared games. A lot of people don’t even know what they are looking at when it comes to a craps table, I know, I have been there. In actual fact there is nothing to be worried about. Like most of the other casino games all it takes is a few minutes to get familiar with the layout and a few simple rules.

The object of craps is to roll dice and hit a number. Is that simple enough for you? There are few more rules than that though, but it doesn’t get too complicated if you just have about 5 min to read. In craps there is such a thing as the ‘come out roll’. The person that is rolling the dice is responsible for this. If a 7 or an 11 is rolled the shooter wins. If a 2, 3 or 12 are rolled the shooter loses. Any other combination of the dice means that the game is ‘ON’. When the game is ‘on’ it is that the shooter must roll the number he/she rolled to make it ‘point’ before they roll a 7. There are multiple options for bets in the game and the odds can be some of the best in the casino. If you are interested in learning more, read all about it at

Slots Rules

Slots are a straight forward genre of game to play in the casino. Or are they? I guess I would have to say most of them are very easy to play but there are a few things that you want to do when sitting down at these friendly machines.

I recommend that you read the payout schedule and the payout tables for each and every machine that you are going to play. Both of these will tell you what your percentage of winning is and how much you might possible win. Slot machines can also be fun and exciting like the rest of the options in the casino if you take the time to find the right one.

Casino rules, we all have to learn them to be able to appreciate and experience the fun and enjoyment that you can get from a casino. Sometimes it is as easy as picking up a book or talking to a friend. Sometimes the best source of information is right at your finger tips here. If you can learn the casino rules before hitting the big stage you will be one step up on the rest of your gambling competitors.
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