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I am a firm believer in being prepared for what I am going to get myself into and in regards to casinos that means finding out the percentages and casino odds. However it is not as simple as just spitting out a number that will tell you exactly what your percentages of winning are. Every game at the casino is different, each having there advantages and disadvantages. It is always important to remember that the house always has an edge; no matter what you do you will never change that. The casinos have made it mathematically impossible for someone to come in and change that. Now, that is not to say that you can’t win in the casino. There are definitely some things that you can do in order to increase your odds and better your performance while playing there. Within this page I will post some charts on odds and payout schedules so you can better understand the big picture so you can better take advantage of the situation.


Poker is a game with betting strategy. It is important to know the odds when playing poker in order to play the right strategy. This will help you know when you should and shouldn’t bet or raise.

Poker Hand # of Ways the Hand can be Made Odds of Getting the Hand in Five Cards
Royal Flush 4 1 in 649,740.00
Straight Flush 36 1 in 72,193.33
Four of a Kind 624 1 in 4,165.00
Full House 3,744 1 in 694.16
Flush 5,108 1 in 508.80
Straight 10,200 1 in 254.80
Three of a Kind 54,912 1 in 47.32
Two Pairs 123,552 1 in 21.03
One Pair 1,098,240 1 in 2.36
No Pair Hand 1,302,540 1 in 1.99


Roulette is a gambling game, with no real strategy that will help you out. You simply have to bet on what you think will come up. The house edge is 5.26% which never changes unless you make a 5 way bet, which then changes your odds to 7.26%. The chart bellow should aid you with what type of risk that you might want take as the risk directly affects the casino odds in this game.

Type of Bet Numbers Covered Payout
Black Bet 18 numbers 1 to 1
Column Bet 12 numbers 2 to 1
Corner Bet 4 numbers 8 to 1
Dozen Bet 12 numbers 2 to 1
Even Bet 18 numbers 1 to 1
Five Bet 5 numbers 6 to 1
High Bet 18 numbers 1 to 1
Line Bet 6 numbers 5 to 1
Low Bet 18 numbers 1 to 1
Odd Bet 18 numbers 1 to 1
Red Bet 18 numbers 1 to 1
Split Bet 2 numbers 17 to 1
Straight Up Bet 1 number 35 to 1
Trio Bet 3 numbers 11 to 1

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