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History of Gambling

As long as there have been people, there has been gambling. Since the beginning of time, gambling has been a favorite pastime. The oldest evidence of gambling has been dated at about 2300 BC and found in China. The betting of things of value was quite common in Ancient Greece, despite being illegal. The laws failed to stop it then and they are having difficulty halting it today in areas of the world where online gambling is banned.

History of Poker

Many of today’s favorite casino games were thought to have originated in ancient China or India. Around 900 AD, the origins of card games like blackjack and poker have been discovered in the shuffling of paper money, an ancient Chinese invention. The game of card playing soon became popular and spread throughout Europe. The Mameluke Empire were Muslims and depicted human form in very decorative patterns. The first European card makers made cards depicting people based on royalty and social class. The first Italian and Spanish card makers used only men on their cards, but the French included a queen in their set. The modern 52 card deck first appeared in France in the 1500s and was known as the “French pack”. The use of this version of cards spread to England and the Americas.

History of Roulette

The history of roulette can be found in French and Chinese history. The term roulette comes from the French for small wheel, but the games origins are a bit cloudy. Some say that the game was invented by Blaise Pascal in the 1600s. Some say that it was invented in China and brought west by Dominicans that traded with China. The game became popular in the 1700s in Monaco, where gambling was introduce by Prince Charles to help alleviate financial problems of the area. What we know today as roulette didn’t appear until 1842 in France where the single zero game was invented by Francois and Louis Blanc. Americans received the game in the early 19th century but added an additional zero to the wheel. Today there exists two type of roulette, American roulette and European roulette.

History of Craps

Dice games have fascinated people for more than 2 thousand years. Even the terms used in dice games have become a part of history. When the decision to take his army across the Rubicon against the wishes of Rome, Ceasar replied, “lacta alea est” - “the die is cast”. In the 1700s and 1800s in England, the first dice game of “hazard” was a popular pastime in which people bet everything form money to family heirlooms. The French were exposed to the game by the English and they referred to the game as “craps”, a mispronunciation of “crabs” or the term for a pair of ones. When the Americas were settled by the Europeans, they brought the game with them and played craps in such places as on riverboats and people’s homes. The game of course moved west with the pioneers and became a popular form of nighttime entertainment for the pioneers. Today, you can find craps in home, casinos and on the Internet.

Gambling and Casino History

Gambling and casino history is a large part of American history. The young United States government permitted gambling in 1776 as a way to raise money for the young country. During the days of the settling of the west from 1850 to 1910, gambling remained legal until Nevada outlawed the pastime in 1910. Nevada legalized casino gambling in 1931 and the modern day Las Vegas began to take root. Today, Las Vegas is seen as the gambling capital of the world and gamblers from all over travel to play in its renowned casinos.

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