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Although it seems a contradiction in terms, actually the internet has made many things we previously thought of as things that couldn't be free, well, free. It's not such a strange concept to presume in this day and age that we could find a free game of slots on the Internet, and if we can find free slots, why not fully blown free online casinos? Obviously they aren't going to pay out just the same as real money casinos, but they can often have lots to offer regardless.

There are basically two types of free online casinos, those that are simply free games for fun or practice, and those that offer some kind of prize to the player for playing. There are many more of the former than the latter, but both do exist.

Our top pics for free online casinos that don't offer prizes are based on the merits of game quality, fun level, and extras. The games should work as you would expect them to, they better be fun or what's the point, and it's always nice if there's a unique feature to the games.

Top prize for free online casinos not offering prizes goes to the Game In a Can network. This site (Game In a is rather unique in that it's main premise is to loan its games out to any webmaster who wants to put free casino games on their site. So a great number of the free games sites that exist on the Internet today are running game in a can games, but you might not notice, as each site has their own look and feel. The best extra is the fact that there is a built in chat window. This means that each site that runs the games really is a unique experience, as you'll meet a completely different group of people at each place.

Some of the best sites running game in a can games include:

Slots Info - A great and informative slots site with a healthy fan base, and of course, free games.

Online - An outstanding Craps instruction site that is chocked full of useful information.

Fat Tonys Video Poker - Seems like Fat Tony runs a different site for each game, and you have to admit, the guy's sense of humor is great. He makes it really fun to learn, and easy too.

Some of the best free online casinos offering prizes to play for free:

The Jackpot King - Welcome to the Jackpot Kingdom, I think it's called gambelot. Again another entertaining site with great games and a fun personality, with a huge user base, you'll always find someone to chat with while you play one of a number of classic casino games. Prizes include electronics and gift certificates for online casinos.

Online Tournaments - This is one of the most popular free online casinos on the Internet. By the name of the url you would think it's a real casino, but its actually an independent casino portal, and at you can find a number of free casino games that offer prizes on a regular basis.
You can check out the great online casino bonus offers available at:

Gold Nugget
Flamingo Club

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