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Welcome to, your headquarters for honest, independent advice about which online casinos to play and how to get the most out of your online casino experience. Our goal is simple, to give you everything you need to know about online casinos so you'll have the best time possible gambling online. The first thing you should do when considering gambling online is to take a close look at the security, customer support, availability, trustworthiness, and dependability of any online casino.

Security speaks for itself, as you want your personal private information to remain personal and private. The great majority of the time the online casinos we play at maintain records on our play that include our credit card numbers along with other identifying information which would make it easy to commit fraud, should the information ever be stolen.

Customer support is again, self explanatory. If you have a question, concern, or problem with anything, the casino in question should be prompt in replying, respectful to your needs, and most importantly, decisive in its action. Two things you should always do before committing to new online casinos include, emailing the casino with a simple question to see how long it takes for them to get back to you, and calling the casino to see the level of service offered by their customer service representatives. They are representatives of the casino after all.

Availability is an important aspect in that the network infrastructure which underlies the casino's system must be quite robust. The best casinos have large number of players online at once, and must be able to handle this load without affecting your game-play. All too often a new casino pops up, spends a fortune on advertising, and cannot handle the players when they arrive at the casino door. If you want to place a bet right now, you should be able to place a bet right now, not jump through hoops, or wait until a less busy time. This would simply be unacceptable in our modern age.

Trustworthiness is a tough aspect to cover. There are no casinos in the world, land based or online, that don't have at least one disgruntled player, for whichever reason. Sometimes this one player is a loudmouth, and will try to discredit the online casinos by visiting message boards and loudly expressing their situation. More often than not such players have not read the terms and conditions of a bonus offer they were attempting to take advantage of, and are upset that they did not receive exactly what they thought they were getting. You must take such reports with a grain of salt, and view the overall business as its own entity in deciding the trustworthiness of online casinos. Reliable persons such as Michael Shakleford have been most helpful in reporting casinos who do not deserve our trust.

Dependability is not the same as availability. Dependability refers to the all to common phenomenon of smaller online casinos popping up online, but not existing six months later. While you can't always play at an online casino that is five years old, it's certainly worth your time to find out how long they have been in business, to give you an indication of whether they are a fly-by-night operation or not. This is one of our most important conditions.

Gambling online can be great fun, just make sure you know what your getting into before you risk any real money. That's where comes in. Feel free to browse our site and have a great time!

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Several Ways to Prepare Yourself for Casino Games

For anyone who has ever shown an interest in going to the casino but still has not got around to trying it out, the fear of embarrassment is often what keeps them away. An online casino is the perfect place to try out all the available slots and table games before venturing off to a live casino. This is what makes the difference for most customers as not all lice casinos offer new gamblers introduction service. Although many UK casinos have some kind of system in place for new gamblers it is often not enough to make the difference.

An online casino gives people the chance to get to grips with all the rules involved in all different kinds of table games and slots. Take roulette for example, the game may appear simple but with all the different odds that are available on a table it would be hard for anyone to learn everything in one night. Add to this that online casinos have a wide selection of games and a customer may even be able to find games that a local UK casino does not offer.

The online casino will give a customer the opportunity to learn games at their own pace and given time the translation from online tables and slots to a live casino is one that will take very little time indeed. Although an online casino is in no way a replacement for the real thing it can be a great platform to bring in new customers.

Canadian Poker For Canadians

Canada is well-known as being at the forefront of poker worldwide, and nowhere is this proud position more apparent than at The website truly stands as a beacon to Canada's love and devotion to the cards. It is beautifully put together, with the various features and news items cleanly organised into boxes and tabs, allowing readers the choice of accessing their chosen aspect almost instantly, or to leisurely browse through the plethora of available features. The layout wouldn't look out of place in an Apple store, let alone a poker website.

Being a Canadian website, Canada is the kernel of the entire set-up. As well as covering such prestigious events as the World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour, there is an entire section devoted entirely to Canadian poker, covering items closer to home. These include updates on famous Canadian players, upcoming Canadian tournaments and current gambling legislation in Canada. For those who prefer to take their news visually, the website also provides news and strategy in video format.

The website also contains links to the top five online poker rooms as recommended by Canadians. In order they are 888 Poker, Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimatebet Poker and Absolute Poker. With a few clicks, budding online players can be signed up and playing poker online within minutes. also has it covered with their catalogue of free poker strategy guides and tips.

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